5 Indoor Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids

Hi guys! So things have been pretty crazy here in the Bahamas again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cases are rising again and we have been ordered to a mandatory 24-hour island wide lockdown once again. We can only leave our houses on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to get groceries, medication, or gas if need be. Because of this, more than ever now, I am trying everything I can to keep the kids (especially my toddler Jake) occupied. I’m sharing 5 indoor activities you can do with your kids at home!

1. Painting

As of late, Jake and Jagger do a lot of painting together. I know you’re probably thinking ‘PAINT!’ haha. No worries, the kids use washable paint. It is extremely easy to wash off if the kids get it on anything.

I love using the the kiddie art smocks to keep them fairly clean and keep the mess to a minimum. You can shop all of the paint products and supplies I use for the kids below. They’re super affordable and always great to have on hand.

2. Coloring

We’ve been coloring since we were kids and kids will be coloring for many generations to come. This is always a fun non messy way for the kids to get their arts & crafts in! I like to give my kids different themed coloring books such as dinosauras, colors & shapes and maybe their favorite characters like Paw Patrol or Mickey Mouse.

3. Educational Activity Workbooks

So when I started homeschooling Jake because of the pandemic, I went out to our local department store and I purchased some great activity workbooks. He’s been so good and interactive when it comes to the workbooks, I definitely recommend the workbooks to all parents during quarantine. Whether it’s giving them a daily school curriculum or trying to teach the kids simple math and reading, these workbooks have it all!

4. Baking

Baking is a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen in a safe way. Not only do the kids have so much fun, but it’s also a way for them to express their creativity. You can decorate the cookies using a cookie decorating kit, food coloring, and fun shaped cookie cutters to make it interesting for the kids!

5. Music/ Dance Party

As someone who’s been surrounded by music my entire life, I love that my kids love music so much! When we’re a little bored and have had enough of our school lessons and or it’s too hot at that time of day for outdoor activity, we love to have a good ole music session.

I think I end up enjoying it more than the kids haha. We love turning the TV on and playing some of our favorites songs and dancing and singing along as if we were in the music video! Especially, when our girl Shakira comes on!

Life is what you make of it. It’s a tough time for parents, kids, and everyone around the world due to the pandemic. But, it is bringing families closer and teaching us what’s most important in life!

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