Healthy & Low Calorie Burrata Salad – Fast & Easy!

This salad is not only fast & easy, but it is incredibly delicious. It is the perfect way to get your greens and veggies in! If you are a mozzarella lover, you’ll be thanking me for this one.

Burrata is its own, very special type of cheese. Burrata has a solid outer curd made from fresh mozzarella, and the inside is filled with a soft, loose curd and fresh cream. It has a milky, buttery flavour that is super rich in taste without being too indulgent. Mozzarella has a more delicate taste and a more elastic texture, burrata is much softer and full of flavour.

Ingredients & How to Make It:

For this salad I used, arugula, spring mix, sweet peppers, tomatoes, basil, burrata, salt & pepper, olive oil and balsamic. I am super proud because most of the produce was from my garden! Start off by adding in your greens, then tomatoes and sweet peppers. Then you can either add a whole sphere of burrata to you plate or cut it in to pieces. Go ahead and add your salt, pepper and olive oil which will serve as a your dressing. I let it marinate for about 10 minutes and then I top it with my fresh basil and add the balsamic last. I add the balsamic last as a personal preference. Feel free to add and whatever order you’d like. Red pepper or chili pepper flakes are optional but delicious and give this salad a nice kick if you’re a spice person. I hope you guys try and enjoy this easy salad recipe.

Please share and tag me in your photos on IG if you make this salad at home!


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