Jagger’s ‘Under The Sea’ 1st Birthday Party!

Oh my goodness! I literally can not believe my baby is 1 says every parent haha! But seriously, between quarantine, working from home and trying to stay sane, it feels like we’ve been in 2020 for 20 years and now all of a sudden Jagger’s one! *sheds a tear*

We celebrated his birthday with a small ‘Under the Sea’ themed party with some of his and Jake’s little friends. The kids had some much fun and I’m so impressed with how beautiful the decor came out seeing that I decided to have the party last minute!

I usually do the decor and design for all of my events, but I decided to enjoy the day and work with one of my go to and personal favorite cake designer, Latisa Rolle from The Pastry Chiq. She is now offering event/party decor services and I must admit it was a life saver and she gave me EXACTLY what I wanted. I was so impressed! It take an hour to set up everything the day of and she took the hassle out of everything, just leaving me to enjoy the party with the kiddos and our friends.

Jagger had so much fun! He would always cry because he’s not used to seeing unfamiliar faces since he’s pretty much been on lockdown since he was born haha. But, he didn’t cry one bit! He ate delicious food, took some adorable photos that we’ll have to look back on, danced his little booty off and overall had an amazing time. I’m so happy he was able to enjoy his 1st birthday!

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