Must-Have Fashion Pieces for this Summer 2020

Summer is here! This means it’s time to pack up those stifling, thick sweaters and coats, and take out your sheer fabrics and mini-dresses! Summer 2020 is a time to get out of your ‘fashion shell’ and embrace the freedom the warm season provides especially after being locked up during quarantine. It’s the time to explore and display your chic, feminine side unapologetically.

For summer 2020, wardrobe must-haves include numerous fashion trends from the NYFW runways such as leather, knitwear, bra tops, and catchy prints. So to upgrade your wardrobe for summer 2020, below are must-have apparels for your closet.


Butter Yellow Sundresses

Butter yellow is the color of summer this year –and, of course, it’s not hard to see why. The color complements every skin tone and adds a little cheer to your day. Fill your wardrobe with butter yellow sundresses in any design of your choice and get a nice pair of wedge sandals to go along with it. For brunches, hangouts with the girls, or dates, this look is one you are sure to love!

Sheer Layers

Sheer layers are another must-have apparel for your summer wardrobe. The light and breezy fabrics give you the freedom to wear any design this summer. So if you’re a jacket or long-sleeves kinda girl but feel it’s counterintuitive to wear them in summer, go for sheer layers instead. With sheer shirts, sheer vests, and even sheer wrap-dresses, the power to play with silhouettes and textures is right in your palm this season.

Bra Tops

Dethroning the legendary crop tops this season are bra tops. From sequin accentuations to bandeaus, designers like JW Anderson and Mark Fast explored every inch of the apparel. Since less definitely is more this summer, don’t hesitate to fill your wardrobe with bra tops and show off some skin!

Metallic Hues 

Summer 2020 fashion does not get trendier than this. Unleash your inner model with metallic jackets, trousers, dresses, and accessories –or in other words, silver/gold hues. Keep the rest of your ensemble muted to create the perfect balance and give the piece, center stage.

Power Prints

This summer, it’s go big or go home. The maximalist energy includes lots of floral prints, giant polka dots, and clashing hues. Get maxi dresses, rompers, mini-skirts, and wrap dresses in power prints. With muted stilettos and bags, you are sure to turn heads when you walk into any room!

Zimmermann plunging animal print dress

Lacey Dresses and Layers

We all love a cute lacy dress. Not only is it super stylish, but it also brings out your feminine side. This summer, the lace trend is taking on a newer and more captivating twist. For your wardrobe, go for dresses with irregular embroidery and intricate patterns to keep it all fresh and interesting. Wear lacey layers over dark-colored lingerie for a sexier version of the classic design.

Summer is the only season that gives you total freedom to explore your style so don’t miss the chance! Fill your wardrobe with these must-have apparels above and make your picture-perfect memories.

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