My Kitchen Tour

Today, I’m sharing my favorite place in the house, which is of course my kitchen! I cook almost everyday. I love creating, experimenting and sharing amazing meals and recipes with my friends and family.

I love having dinner parties just to be able to share my cooking creations!

My kitchen is pretty unusual to most because it is not your typical blogger kitchen or all white everything everywhere look. My kitchen is black and sea green and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect size for me with an open floor set up so I can mingle and entertain even whilst in the kitchen. Even though it is dark, we have a lot of natural light from our windows.

Many years have gone by and the kitchen still looks sleek and timeless! I do plan on doing a few small renovations to the kitchen at the end of the year. I plan on adding a new center light fixture because we currently only have recessed lighting but I want to add a focal light to tie everything in. I’ll be changing our faucets for both sinks because the current faucets are a little to small and have had their day. Last but not least, I plan on doing an extreme pantry makeover and organization and getting rid of all of the old things and junk we don’t need anymore.

I’m so happy to finally show you where all the food magic takes place!

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