What We Ate for Hanukkah!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love the Jewish high holidays especially when they include delicious Jewish food. The honest truth is no matter if it’s a holiday or not, I make Jewish food year-round. I love the smell, taste, and traditions I will pass down to my kids and their wives!

Traditional Hanukkah holiday foods are not for the faint of heart since most are fried and/or loaded with cheeses. We don’t typically eat all of the traditional Hanukkah food, simply because there’s a little too much sweets & fried food, but one thing that is a must-have are the latkes! They’re not something I used to like but over the years, I’ve grown to like them a lot! They are absolutely delicious with sour cream & applesauce (I prefer mixed berry applesauce).

If we attend someone’s Hanukkah party and they have sufganiyot (round jelly doughnuts) or loukoumades, then I’d have a bite, but they’re not something I love typically. I am not a big dessert or sugar fan. But we’ll see, maybe I’ll start to love them like I do the latkes.

And of course, no matter if it’s a holiday or not I CAN NOT live without my matzah ball soup! I make matzah ball soup and matzah brei year round because it’s just so DELICIOUS!

I didn’t cook a lot this year, because it was just us and my mom joined us. I made latkes, extra crispy as per Jay’s request. I made a Russian style beet salad, Sephardic jeweled quinoa with asparagus, and a veggie stuffing because who doesn’t love stuffing?! And everyone enjoyed the roasted chicken instead of the brisket for a change.

I know a lot of people will argue and say this is not a Hanukkah meal at all and maybe it’s more of a Rosh Hashanah meal. But we make our own rules and there’s nothing wrong with that! We do what’s best for us and what we like.

If you guys celebrated Hanukkah, let me know what you guys ate. If you’re celebrating another holiday, let me know what your delicious meal will consist of.

PS- Half of the Hanukkah lights stopped working and that’s why the tree is only half lit up lol! And we had Jakey place the candles this night & didn’t want it to fall, so we just left. It’s not so glamorous behind the scenes!

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