Why You Should Start Wearing More Color Immediately


Melanique Babb Luxury fashion blogger lifestyle blogger how to wear bright colors

Clearly I am all about color! Wearing color is truly the only way I know how to dress. From my personality, to my IG feed and fashion, I’m an overall colourful and happy person. But I know wearing color doesn’t come as easily for some people. I hear it all the time from you – even some of you who embrace colors in other areas of life often find it hard to wear color.

I was doing a closet clean out my closet last week, and I realized that I barely own any neutrals, which can be a good and bad thing haha. Neutral items are often considered closet essentials, so I did go ahead and pick up a few neutral pieces from Zara and Aritzia I fell in love with. But if truly know me, you’ll know I live for color in every aspect of my life!

Sometimes people tell me they are afraid of standing out too much if they wear color. Sometimes people tell me they aren’t sure how to wear color. Or sometimes people tell me that they don’t know what color to wear. I’m here to persuade you to add more color to your wardrobe and to step out of your comfort zone!

Melanique Babb Luxury fashion blogger lifestyle blogger how to wear bright colors

Color energizes you and motivates you. Color is fun! Color powers you up. Color can improve your overall mood. Not only will wearing color brighten your mood, but it will also brighten the world around you. You’ll be surprised by how many people will smile simply because of your colorful outfit. And when you’re more approachable, you open yourself up to new opportunities, new people, new connections.

My advice would be to start with colorful accessories and then when you are ready, jump into full outfits, but stay within the same color range to start with. That makes it easier as you build up the courage to go all-in across all color palettes.” Pretty sound advice, if you ask me. While committing to head-to-toe color might be intimidating, adding a fun blue bag or emerald green shoes is definitely doable.

Melanique Babb Luxury fashion blogger lifestyle blogger how to wear bright colors
Melanique Babb Luxury fashion blogger lifestyle blogger how to wear bright colors

My top tips for wearing bright colors?

1. Go all-in—colors rock and will make you happy!

2. Match your colors to the season (like pastels for the spring/summer and warmer tones for winter).

3. Mix and match colors as you want—no rules apply—the most important thing is that you feel confident wearing it.

4. Accessories count as well—you can spice up a plain white outfit with bright accessories.

5. Pick colors you love! One of my favorite colors to rock is a bold, bright pink or green!

6. Take baby steps. You can start off small, by trying a colourful handbag or pair of shoes to elevate your outfit.

7. Buy clothes that aren’t black, beige, or denim. You can’t wear more color if you don’t buy more color. The next time you purchase something, get it in yellow. Repeat that process enough times, and you’ll have many colourful options in your closet. Still nervous? Try picking up an item you already love in a bolder color. If your favorite black pants come in red, get a pair of those also!

8. When in doubt, don’t be! Never be afraid to express yourself, step out of the box and have fun! At the end of the day it is just clothing and you can always take it off or change it if you don’t like it.









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